Money Today Archive September 7, 2008 Issue

Edition: September 7, 2008

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Rahul Sachitanand And Kushan Mitra

The devotees gadget

Owning the latest gadgets has become a happy addiction with these men, all of whom are jet-setting executives.
  • Guide to work and play From the laptop and the smart phone when at work to the latest in iPods, MP3 players and fitness gadgets when chilling out—this is the Road Warrior’s definitive guide to work and play.
  • Namastey London A Gorilla race, a feast by the river and the star-studded London Film Festival: London’s where it’s at this September and October.
  • The white stripes Shelve all other colours for now. As the rains recede and autumn advances, we take you through the paces on the colour white. Here’s how you should be wearing white this season if you wish to carry it off in style.
  • Sense and sensibility The Volkswagen Jetta 1.6 is quintessentially German—unassuming to look at but brilliant to drive.
  • Marrying bordeaux with india Snobs may shudder at the idea, but if Indian food can evolve, why can't we have something much more evolved than lassi or lager with it?
  • The best buys In a mood to spend a bit of money? Check out what’s hot this fortnight.
  • From aircraft to golf gloves The FootJoy glove factory in Laem Chabang industrial area, outside Pattaya, Thailand, employs over 1,500 people who put together 19 glove models in 16 different sizes. In all, 12 million gloves are made here each year.
  • Backpacking gadgets Roughing it out on a holiday? We get the tech-savvy CEO of Backpackers Co., Yogen Shah, to tell you what to carry when you’re headed off to the wild.
  • Nawabi repast A seventh generation chef from Lucknow, Chef Irshad Ahmed Qureshi speaks about his culinary legacy... while he prepares one of his legendary biryanis for us.
  • Jet set go If you take a lot of long flights, then you’ll know the side effects—aching joints, lack of sleep and irregular sleeping and eating patterns. Sure, you know that drinking enough water and flexing your limbs from time to time will help ease the pain. But it’s not that simple. Here’s a lowdown on how to really stay fit before, during and after a long haul.
  • Monster madness As news reports reach us of a man escaping from the notorious Area 51 in the US with ‘proof’ that NASA does, indeed, possess an alien, we thought it was a good time to feature some alien invasion movies. Here’s something to quench your desire for little green men.
  • The best chef's tables Want to treat a few important guests to a meal they won’t forget? Book the chef’s table at these fabulous restaurants and get a special menu laid out for you.
  • Cars of the future-III The latest company to showcase a personal mobility device is Volkswagen, which has made concepts for the year 2028. Volkswagen has showcased the One, a threewheel vehicle with a host of advanced features.
  • Rebel with a cause We met the owner of Hidesign, Dilip Kapur, for a chat to discover what turned an anti-war, anti-capitalist student who grew up in the protected environment of the Aurobindo Ashram, into a successful entrepreneur.

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