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Open work culture and employee engagement have ensured that HPEs attrition rate is among the lowest in the tech industry.
By Goutam Das | Print Edition: March 12, 2017
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Employee Wellness' at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) could mean pharmacy products at discounted rates, regular health risk assessments, weekly services by specialist doctors, periodic family runs with fitness monitoring apps keeping a watch, workshops on stress management, Zumba and Bollywood dance workshops. HPE's global HR practices are localised, at times, to suit India's demography as well as industry competitiveness. Bollywood dance workshops, for instance, is a very Indian practice. Apart from wellness, policies that resonated well among employees in the past year fell in three buckets - employee experience, engagement, and recognition. HPE does not share numbers related to headcount, but its attrition rate, says Ramendrajit Sen, HPE India's VP & Head of HR, is amongst the lowest in the Indian technology industry today.

In terms of employee experience, the company focused its energies on effective communication - orientation sessions, focused group discussions, all-employee meetings and HR Connect sessions. "Our business leaders acknowledge the fact that their own attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours have a powerful trickle-down effect on the organisation's culture. As a result, our leadership team maintains a style of communication that is frequent, open, transparent, action-oriented, and participatory," Sen says.

HPE emphasises on training, and the adoption of innovative learning methods; employees are encouraged to identify training goals, which are reviewed from time to time. "We seek out individuals who understand the HPE mission, and are willing to actively contribute to make this culture work," says Sen. His talent management process enables talent mapping for employees, successional plan for critical roles, and development actions for top talent. "We establish clear strategies on how talent will be grown from within the organisation, by creating opportunities for internal role transfers, even for global and regional levels."

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