Bring The Monster Home

The LG DJ X-Boom can touch your soul as well as the neighbour's nerves
Nandagopal Rajan | Print Edition: July 2013

First things first. The LG DJ X-boom is not for everyone. Though the Korean tech giant likes to call its new music system a 'mini hi-fi' system, there is nothing mini about this giant. To start with, it is as big as a chest of drawers, and as heavy as one. Then this mini system produces 25000W PMPO sound at 2300 RMS. What this means is that unless you are hosting a wedding for which the entire locality is invited, don't even dream of pushing the volume beyond 10 points.

Rs 99,990
SPECS: 25000W PMPO, 2300 RMS, DJ Turntable, USBx2, Bluetooth, Tuner

This leviathan comes in three pieces - two speaker units and the controller. The speakers are made of particle board and this gives the sound a natural feel at all times. The grill is solid and there are red lights behind that blink in sync with the equaliser. The woofer and tweeters are built-in. The controller too has a lot of red LEDs going with the general theme of the device. It also has a colorful LED display and scratch pads for the DJ functions.

If looks are anything to go by, you would hear only Metallica being played on the Xboom. But looks can be deceiving and this system works well even when you are listening to the soul stirring voice of Katherine Jenkins or the wizardry of A R Rahman. In fact, there is an India preset on the equaliser. The sound is a bit partial to bass, but you can tweak that if needed. At the highs, we noticed a bit of vibration in the speakers. This is very rare though, and limited to some types of music. The bass, too, can be a bit flat here and there, not really pushing the limits. But this can be remedied with the Bass Blast option. Overall, we thought the XBoom performed well across the frequency spectrum.

The X-Boom has far more functions and features than you would find on a regular Hi-Fi set. It also has more connectivity options than others of its kind and so you find a CD tray as well as USB ports and Bluetooth. There is a Smart DJ function aided by two turntables on the front panel. They work even with music being streamed from a smartphone. The record to USB options helps save all the grooves you create. There is FM too, but we doubt if you would want to hear that on this system. The device is peppered with buttons and there are at least two ways to do most things. We loved the fact that the scratchpad can be used to navigate through the USB folder.

The X-Boom is a good hi-fi system, though a bit partial to the heavy kind of music. We will, however, not recommend it for small households unless you are keen on picking up a fight with the neighbour.

Great sound and features that are in tune with the times

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