The Inner Game of Success: An Inside-out approach

Pete Carroll (Head coach of the Seattle Seahawks,earning over Rs. 42 crores annually, and considered one of the top football coaches in America) draws his inspiration from the book "The Inner Game of Tennis" written by Timothy Gallwey.

A major task in acquiring self-knowledge is to understand the relationship between who one is and how one presents oneself to the world.
Sharad Sharma, Co-founder, iSpirt says Indian software products industry is producing one Biocon sized company every year!
A completely independent body, directly answerable to Parliament, must oversee the working of the CBI.
R. Thyagarajan, Founder, Shriram Group says it is not the lack of regulation that is fostering such scams but unbridled RBI regulation.
The apex court's judgment in the Novartis case strikes the right balance between public and inventor interest.
Do you focus too much on the task at hand and miss the helicopter view of what you do and what you want to be? Take a step back.
Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University Dan Ariely says there are many aspects to the psychology of luxury.
Economic projections have vastly underestimated the severity of the Eurozone crisis, as well as its impact on the rest of the world.
The formation of the eurozone and a half-century of globalisation have rendered once-proven macroeconomic policies ineffective.
The solution for the euro crisis, for which Germany is partly responsible, can be summed up in one word: Eurobonds.
 For domestic demand to act as an engine of growth, policies should shift resources from investment to consumption.