Nandagopal Rajan | Print Edition: March 2012

With a tablet in your hand you don't need any other device to play your music. That is because it is also an extra-large music player, with an ease-of-use and sound reproduction second to none. But we do get bored of our music collections. This is where music discovery apps come to the rescue.

Aweditorium (Free)
It is very easy to be awed by this app and hence the name is more than justified. The app powers up like a mosaic of pictures depicting artists and bands. Click on a random tile and it starts playing a song by the artist or group. Double tap and the tile goes full-screen to show you more about the artist. Swipe and tap around the mosaic and you will find yourself discovering music you had no idea existed. Like a song? Just tap on the heart sign below to buy the same from iTunes. Users can also share the songs.

Music Hunter (Free)
Music Hunter opens with a two slide-bars which you can use to select the genre and the kind of music (fast, loud, high energy) you want to hear. Once you click play, the apps shows tiles of songs/albums that fit your need. While the first song plays randomly, you can tap the tiles to change songs. Users can hear more songs from an artist or album if you like what's playing.

Raaga (Free)
iOS, Android
This one is for lovers of Indian music. The Raaga app is not ideal for big tablet screens, but then we just want to listen to good music and this app gives you plenty of options. From the latest movie songs to the best of Hindustani and Carnatic classical, the app gives you all the best songs on a platter.

Planetary (Free)
This app gives an other-worldly touch to your music collection, quite literally. The app feels like browsing through a galaxy of music with artistes showing as stars and albums as planets - specific tracks appear as moons around an artiste. To filter songs, users just have to click the alphabet search button and look for the track they want. This is a handy feature, for the galaxy can get quite intimidating if you have an extra large music collection.

Shazam (Free)
iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows
Ever heard a song on the road and didn't know who was singing or which album the track was from? Well, Shazam is for the music curious among us. Just open the app and play the track that you want identified, Shazam will use the Web to locate the song and give you details, even the lyrics, within seconds. The app plays short clips of the song, but this feature doesn't work smoothly at all times. Users can also see which songs others are tagging at the time and listen in.

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