Nandagopal Rajan        Print Edition: April 2012

USB Disk (Free), iOS
One of the drawbacks of the iPad is that you can't plug in a USB drive. But you can get around this by using the USB Disk app to turn the iPad into a giant storage device. The app lets you open and view most of the documents you store on it, be it text or PDF files. While these functions are free, you will need to buy extensions to use the app to open and edit other types of files. There are extensions linking the app to Evernote and DropBox as well as text editors and document protection.

Werdsmith (Free)
Werdsmith likes to be called a portable writing studio, ideal for writers "who don't want to be chained to their desks". Users can start jotting down their ideas and even start writing on the tablet itself. Chapters can be created with word goals and the app will tell you the progress made. The only tough part is mastering the art of writing on a touchscreen.

One Note (Free)
iOS, Android
Similar to Evernote and DropBox, Microsoft's One Note is ideally meant for those who are fans of the software which was launched as part of MS Office 2010. The app is ideal for note-taking and lets you add links and pictures as you do so. Users can also make notes with bullets as well as to-do lists with checkboxes. The notes can be saved to and accessed from anywhere using a Microsoft SkyDrive account.

iOS, Android
Life is much simpler with Evernote around. Once installed on your PC and mobile devices, you can clip or save a webpage to view it on any of the platforms. Users can also upload photos and other files to this cloud-based app and retrieve them from other devices. A wonderful application for people who are thinking all the time and need some help to keep their thoughts in place. The app also lets you share content.

DropBox (Free)
iOS, Android
DropBox is more of a weightlifter. If you have a heavy file on your PC which you would like to access from your tablet once in a while, or a set of photos that you need to save for future use, there is a always Dropbox to the rescue. Once uploaded to the app, the content will be available seamlessly on all devices. The app also lets you easily share the content on social networking sites or as a link for email. Free accounts have a 2GB limit.

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