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Smartphones always manage to steal all attention with their extra-large screen sizes and hyperactive innards, but the brains of these devices are the apps that finally run on them.

Angry Birds Space (Free)
By Rovio (+ iPhone; iPad, Mac, PC)
The most popular game for smartphones has now gone to space. Rovio, the company behind the Angry Birds phenomenon, has launched Angry Birds Space with 60 new levels. The new version puts even gravitational forces into play. This game is available free for Android users but with ads. If you hate the ads, go for the ad-free paid version for the Android platform.

Solar Charger (Free)
By SZlab
You can now charge your smartphone under direct sunlight. Launching this application apparently turns the whole screen into a solar panel which the company claims can charge the battery of the device. The app works only under direct sunlight and also displays the lux level as well as the battery charge level. Looks like a fun gimmick as technically only a solar panel can create power from sunlight.

Super Booster (Free)
By Simplelife
The large number of tasks running in the background often slows down the device. Super Booster will let you instantly speed up the phone by hitting 1-Click Speed Up. There is an option to star apps (and even hide them) or refresh running apps with a single click. The results are perceptible.

Easy Uninstaller (Free)
By InfoLife LLC
We rarely uninstal the apps that we don't use. Easy Uninstaller gives a one-touch access to uninstall many apps at one go. The main screen of Easy Uninstaller shows all the third-party applications installed on the handset from where one can select multiple apps and then instantly remove them by hitting the Uninstall Selected Apps.

Friendcaster (Free)
By OneLouder Apps (+iPad)
The pre-installed Facebook for Android app does not always provide a smooth experience. Try Friendcaster which makes it easy to access all updates, photos, friends, etc. The home page has icons for news feeds, profile, friends, photos, checkins, message, notifications, groups and events. The only downside is that checking out friend requests directs you to the Facebook webpage.

Launcher Pro (Free)
By Federico Carnales
It is not necessary that everyone likes the user interface that comes with the phone. If you belong to this category, instal this app to clean the default home screen and add a simple one that is easy to use. It also helps you have up to seven home screens with smooth scrolling.

PhotoFunia (Free)
By PhotoFunia (All OS)
Ever wondered how your friends manage to put their snaps on billboards and magazines? This fun photo editing tool offers a wide range of effects along with options to put them on billboards, posters, advertisements or even in frames shaking hands with Barack Obama.

Manupatra (Free)
By Manupatra (+iOS, BlackBerry)
Lawyers and law students would like to invest in this application that comes across as a great source of judgments and precedents. This app is subscription based and gives instant access to an entire set of Indian Case Laws and Acts along with option to search cases the library.

Scan Biz Cards Premium
(Rs 253) By Scanbiz Mobile Solutions LP
Carrying business card holders is a thing of past. Get a good business card scanner application that instantly captures all details mentioned in the card and even let you add it to the contacts. This application also tells users how to hold the camera and perfectly capture the card. Free version can save only two cards per week.

Norton MobileSecurity (Rs 599 /year)
By Norton Mobile
With Android smartphones prone to virus attacks, this Norton Mobile Security application claims to protect and guard all personal information on the device. Along with protecting from virus attacks, it has additional features that let you remotely lock the phone and erase the information if stolen.

SMS Blocker (Rs 199)
By Optinno Mobitech P. Ltd. (+BlackBerry)
Bugged by unwanted messages despite registering on TRAI's National Do Not Call list? Instal SMS Blocker Premium to block these unwanted messages and spam. All spam is automatically stored in the blocked messages folder. You can also retrieve important messages from theSpam folder. The call logs with blocked SMS can be cleared with a single go.

First Aid (Free)
By Health Team
Emergency situations require instant action. But for that one needs proper instructions. This app uses illustrations, videos and short texts to tell you what to do in an emergency. It shows symptoms and treatments for various diseases like Heart Attacks as well as shock, wounds and bleeding, bone, joint and muscle related issues, effects of heat and cold. It also lists a host of life saving procedures.

QR Reader for Android
(Free) By TapMedia
QR codes are becoming common and an easy way to access information. Having a QR code reader is a must and the one from TapMedia is amongst the best available. Scan the QR code and fetch instant information using the app.

Kyshmysh (Free)
By 3Shool Wireless
Break free from the text message restriction by clubbing 320 characters in one message. Using this application, one can type a long message, which is compressed to 140 characters. But there is a catch. The message will appear normal only with the smartphone with the same messaging application.

Dictionary.com (Free)
By Dictionary.com. LLc
No need carrying a big, bulky dictionary wherever you go. Instal this app on your smartphone and search any word, any time. There is also a thesaurus option as well as word of the day, the hot word, question of the day etc. You can also add the thesaurus to favourites.

Auto Call Recorder (Free)
By Appstar Solutions
This Auto Call Recorder application records every incoming and outgoing calls and saves it on the phone's external memory card. This app supports three formats for recording calls - wav, ANR and 3gp. The recordings are displayed in the inbox folder and by selecting the recording one can play, delete or even share the files.

Keeper Password & Data Vault (Free)
By Keeper Security, Inc.
Today everything from email to bank accounts are password protected. But remembering passwords can be tough without a password manager. This app is protected by a master password that you must not forget. You can also assign the app to self destruct and erase data after five failed logins

Funny Status for Facebook LITE (Free)
By SocialZoid, LLC
This one is for those looking for catchy status updates that draw more than eyeballs. First time users will need to register, after which the app lets users browse through various options such as status updates, popular status updates, random status generator, daily funny statuses for FB, witty status, etc.

Fat Booth (Free)
Just click a photo using the phone's camera and then wait for the app to detect the faces. Once done, it enlarges the parts of the face you specify. You can also play around with this app by posting images on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter or share the results with friends.

Tip N Split (Free)
By Handy Apps Inc
Now you don't have to manually calculate the tip or how much everyone has to pay at a restaurant. Simply key in the total billed amount and the per cent of the bill you wish to leave as tip. The app shows the amount. Also, it tells you how to spilt the bill if you wish to do so.

Tip N Split (Free)
By Handy Apps Inc
Now you don't have to manually calculate the tip or how much everyone has to pay at a restaurant. Simply key in the total billed amount and the per cent of the bill you wish to leave as tip. The app shows the amount. Also, it tells you how to spilt the bill if you wish to do so.

NG Pay (Free)
By NG Pay
Billed as India's largest mall on the mobile, this app offers a variety of shopping options. As it supports over the phone shopping, first time user needs to register by keying in personal details. Then they can browse through books, cameras, mobiles, televisions, watches, etc., cinema n events or even use it for recharge and top up the mobile or DTH connection. There are multiple payment options available.

Warrantify (Free)
With this app, you need not collect and store all bill and warranty receipts. Simply scan the receipt and add details such as shop name, product name, manufacturer, mode, validity in months and the amount paid. All receipts will be stored within the app.

Instagram (Free)
By Instagram, iOS
One of the most popular apps on iOS is finally available for Android users as well. Using Instagram, users can do basic editing and add life to almost any photo on the phone itself. And post-editing, photos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

IPL 2012 (Free)
By indiagames
Instal this app and get live scores and match results from the latest T20 season. There is also a complete schedule on board along with detailed team lists and player statistics. Compatible with almost all Android phones, this is the official app for DLF IPL 2012.

Smart Rotator (Free)
By SmartDog Studio HK
Auto-rotation in Android smartphones is a great feature, but some disable this feature as the screen rotates at the slightest tilt. This makes the phone most difficult to use while lying down. Instal Smart Rotator that allows to select preferences for individual apps. For instance, select auto rotate for gallery, portrait for dialler, landscape for camera, etc.

AppAware App Market & Social (Free)
By 42matters AG
Google Play can be confusing. Get AppAware application to see the popular and trending apps and then recommend the ones you download to your friends on Facebook and Twitter. There is also a list of top local apps and the ones downloaded by friends. You can even add suggestions and invite friends.

Bills Reminder (Rs 201.65)
By Handy Apps
Paying bills is easy but remembering the due date isn't. This app is a must for those who end up paying a late fee with every bill. Key in the details about the kind of bill, due date and amount and if needed click a copy of the invoice. Then select the date on which you wish to receive a notification for the payment.

TukTuk Meter 2 (Free)
By MindHelix Technologies
Do you end up paying extra due to faulty meters? This app will let you calculate the exact fair depending upon the distance travelled. Key in the fair applied and start the application. Once you reach the destination, you will get the exact fair calculation as it utilises the GPS to calculate the distance.

8500+ Drink Recipes
By Webworks and Applications Inc. This one is for the party throwers. The app includes numerous categories and tells what all ingredients goes into a drink along with how to prepare it. There is a list of all-time favourites or even a search option if you are looking for a specific drink.

Compiled by Nandagopal Rajan and Nidhi Singal

Courtesy:Gadgets and Gizmos

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