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     Print Edition: May 2012

Apps have become so much a part of our digital lives that what we have on our device often shows the kind of person we are. Here are some cool apps for your Apple iPad -

1. TourWrist (Free)
By Spark Labs
The app gives you 360 degree tours of hundreds of locations around the world, all by moving your iPad or touching the screen. This augmented reality app has featured tours as well as properties and locations set according to category. Most locations have multiple tours and if you really like one, the panorama can be saved to your device. You too can create a tour of you house or office using the iPad app.

2. Vodio (Free)
By Vodio Labs Ltd.
A one-stop-shop for viral videos, Vodio can put all your video channels in an easy to flip through 3D wall interface. While there are many channels to choose from, there is a limit on the number you can add. Once logged in, it lets you easily share the videos you love on social networks. Look no further if you like discovering new videos.

3. DJ Mixer Pro (Free)
By Musicsoft Arts
With this app you can play the DJ at home or try and impress friends at a party. Mixing two tracks and adding effects or changing the tempo is child's play for this app. You will take some time to get the hang of getting your music right, but this app has all the features ready when you finally master your mixing. The app can also be used as a music player that lets you do some tweaks to the songs. You can also download some songs and playlists for free using the app.

4. iPhoto ($4.99)
By Apple Inc.
There are hundreds of photo apps for the iPad, but none as easy or natural as the new iPhoto app from Apple. Pick a photo to crop, correct colour or add effects in simple, mostly single, steps. We loved the bouquet of brushes that pop up to enable you to make basic changes like red eye removal, saturation and brightness control. Then the original files are never written over and you can also create journals of events.

5. PlayerXtreme HD (Free)

Initially, one of the biggest putoffs for the iPad was that it could not play many video formats through iTunes. This app, however, puts all those fears to rest by playing most common video formats. Users can even create folders and organise their files easily. The app also lets users connect with other similar devices nearby. There are many add-ons too like subtitle reader, folder lock and sound boost, but you will have to pay for these upgrades. Anyway the free version is good enough for regular users.

6. 123D Sculpt (Free)

By Autodesk Inc.
Now you can make a bust of your friend or the pet dog without soiling your hands in the clay. This app comes with some basic shapes like the human body, face, dog etc which you can modify using the many tools. Though on a screen, the feel is the same as clay. If you are not serious about sculpting, just use it to fool around or as a stress buster. If you find your sculpting mojo, the app can also record video of what you are doing.

7. PocketPond (Free)
By John Moffett
This one is for nature lovers. PocketPond brings the pond to your iPad without the water, the smells or the hassle. Giving a real insight into the touchscreen prowess of the table, the water moves, and sounds, just like it would in a real pond. Single touch, multi-touch, poke the fish … this pond reacts in real time and you will be amazed. Use it to awe your friends or just relax by feeding the fish or swatting the dragon flies.

8. NatureSpace (Free)
By Holographic Audio Theatre
Having trouble sleeping? Just switch on this app and select the surroundings you wish to be transported to. From rain forests to cozy beaches, this app has sounds from all dreamscapes. There is even a sleep timer which will switch off the sounds after a designated period. The relaxing sounds are also ideal if you are the meditating types, especially since the tracks are in a loop and don't need to be changed after a specific time. While six sound scenarios are preloaded, hundreds more can be downloaded at prices starting $1.99. That is a bit steep, so you better stick to the free notes.

9. PowerCam HD (Free)
By Wondershare Software Co., Ltd
The iPad has a very decent camera, but there is not much you can do with it. With this app, the camera on your iPad becomes as good as any point-and-shoot. It allows you to add many tweaks-like face timer, tilt shift, magic brightness-even as you shoot and adds a zoom too. And, best of all, these functions work on both still and video. You can even save the pictures in various resolutions based on the where you want to use it. It is rarely that you see a free app offer so much.

10. Truth Detector (Free)

By Chime Superior
Of the many lie detector tests available for the iPad, this one seemed the most truthful. Since the app uses both stress levels based on touch- you have to keep your finger on a spot-and voice, this seems to have a lesser chance of error. Keep other noises out when you utter the statement for analysis or these will lead to the test being aborted.

11. Sticky Notes (Free)
By tewks
Again a very basic app, but then how complicated can you get with sticky notes. Add as many notes as you can, even one over the other, just like you would on a fridge. You can change colour of new notes, change font, their size and text colour. That's about it. But this ease of use will make this app a favourite for many.

12. My TaxIndia HD (Free)
Quintet Solutions Pvt Ltd
This app might not put your accountant out of his job, but can sure give him a run for his money. Just enter your taxable income, investments under various heads, house loan interest and other savings and this app will tell you how much income tax you will have to pay this fiscal. The calculations are based on the latest tax slabs and the computation even breaks down how your final tax amount was arrived at.

13. Hindu Calendar (Free)
This app is pretty basic, but then there aren't many other applications that give you a full Hindu calendar. The apps shows the Saka calendar for years 2011 and 2012, with auspicious dates and festivals. The calendar can be read in Hindi, Marathi and Gujarathi along with English. A little bit of interactivity would have made this a great application. And, yes, more dates and a full Panchang please.

14. Building Titanic (Free)
By National Geographic Society
This one is for history buffs, especially those still awed by the Titanic and its untimely end. The apps shows you a timeline of how this maritime legend was conceived and built. You can check out what happened at each step, the technology used, the design changes and so on. After you have learnt how the ship was built you can take a stroll through the ships plush interiors. There are even some videos.

15. Paper (Free)

BY 53
There are many paper apps for the iPad, but none that give you a better pen-on-paper feel. While the app touts itself as a sketch tool, it could work as a calligraphy app as well. Thick or thin, the paper can do it all. However, you will have to pay to use the other tools meant for outlining, writing and colouring. But trust us, most of these brushes and pens are worth their penny. The only negative is the limited number of colours.

16. Rebtel (Free)
By Rebtel; (+Android, BlackBerry)
Travelling abroad? Instal Rebtel to make cheap international calls over VoIP. Instal, register number on Rebtel and you are ready to go. As soon as you key in the international number, the app will generate a customised local number for the same and connect over a Wi-Fi network. One can check the reduced calling rates on the Rebtel website.

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