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Print Edition: Sep 16, 2012

A's hire A's, and B's hire C's
My entrepreneurship professors at Stanford University mentioned this with amazing regularity, and this definitely holds true. As a leader, one needs to find the right team, which can not only build a great product or strategy but also attract a great group of people who can actually realise the vision.

One needs to invest in selecting the right team. If you hire A's, you get amplified excellence; if you hire B's, you get people who are insecure, want to protect their turf and cannot attract or retain stars who will take the venture to the next level.

Vision cannot be hired
This was the advice I got from Andy Rachleff, a leading Silicon Valley venture capitalist who teaches at Stanford.

One can hire a lot of people who can drive business well and probably execute a lot better. However, as an entrepreneur, a key role is to have a vision for the venture, articulate that vision and motivate the team to follow that path with passion. One must also articulate it to external stakeholders. The vision should be inculcated in the leadership team. It is not something that can be hired. It has to be built, through every action, decision and day-to-day conduct of the leadership.

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