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The Life Force of Strategy

     Print Edition: Sep 16, 2012

Whenever the world is troubled we can spot a few companies, across industries, which remain virtually unaffected. Just as when the flu comes to town, not everyone manifests its symptoms simultaneously. The truth is that companies, like people, fall prey to only that to which they are internally susceptible. We are our susceptibilities, be they mental, emotional, or physical.

When we are vital, that is, when our immunity is high, an external disease is unlikely to overwhelm us. A human being's vitality resides in his immune system, also referred to as the vital force or the life force in homoeopathy. This life force, unlike our physical (material) organs, is a medium of (immaterial) energy. We can neither see it nor touch it, yet every doctor believes that it exists and regulates our health. The immaterial life force of an organisation, as distinct from all its material resources, is its strategy.

I believe most organisations fail because a less-than-vital strategy inside them makes them susceptible to the inimical conditions outside them. In homoeopathic terms, the external conditions are only the exciting cause of their disease; the fundamental cause lies within them. Thus the best advice that I ever got was upon reading The Organon of Medicine by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy. Hahnemann wrote: it is the life force that cures, for a dead man needs no more medicine.

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