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Keep Business Simple

Print Edition: Sep 16, 2012

Keep it simple - that's the best advice I ever got, and the best I can give to others. The simpler the business and transaction, the cleaner it will be, making it easier to operate and prosper in today's highly volatile world.

Most great organisations in the world, whether it is Apple, Coca-Cola, IBM or Volkswagen, are examples of corporations which have shown resilience and not only withstood the economic upheaval of the last few years but emerged stronger. They keep their businesses simple by concentrating on their core competence. They maintain environment and corporate governance standards at a level that makes everyone comfortable.

In today's opaque world, where fortunes can change within a matter of days, what people are seeking is transparency, because only through transparency does one find comfort. The more complex the business, the more complex the problems it grapples with, and the more opaque its balance sheet. It is only in a turbulent environment that people appreciate the value of keeping things simple and clean. I guess it's during such times that one realises the value and importance of such simple and honest words.

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