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Keep Your Worst Critic Close to You

     Print Edition: Sep 16, 2012

Most times, successful people resort to cliches to share their mantra of success. When one hears it, it often feels like lip service or just good packaging. What I am going to share with you is not necessarily the best advice I got, but the one I didn't heed initially and which life beat me into realising I must follow.

The first: keep your worst critic closest to you. As they say, your worst critic could well turn out to be your best friend. If you care to listen, you will at least be aware of the possibilities and implications, before you make up your mind. But, don't shy away from taking those tough decisions, because it is the tough decisions that often yield the best outcomes. The road less travelled could turn out to be fascinating and wondrous; just know the other side, so you are well prepared.

The second: If all predictions, analysis and the larger company wisdom points you in one direction, but your DEEP INNER CORE is not comfortable - DON'T DO IT! Likewise, if most people tell you it's not a good idea, or too risky a move, whether it is business or people, but you deeply feel it is the right thing to do - Listen to your inner voice. Trust your judgment. The only caveat, if I may add, is: don't be rash, and don't use this as an excuse to shoot from the hip or make light of it - "Oh! I just felt like this was the right thing to do."

Happy decision making - life is all about choices!

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