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Be in Your Element

Print Edition: Sep 16, 2012

Being born in these fortunate times, young people like me have a problem of plentitude of choice. We find opportunities and options everywhere. We see new disciplines and vocations emerging, education empowering us with holistic understanding and diverse experiences.

However, we often make decisions about significant and mundane life happenings under pressures of how we will be perceived by family, peers and the world. Often our influencers weigh heavily on choices, rather than our own natural acumen or likings.

Amidst this conflict, I stumbled upon an interesting read - The Element by Ken Robinson. The book celebrates human ability and helps people recognise that there is a certain something in each individual which is unique and can guide his path through life. The book is a compilation of stories, of people finding their own passions, and how that has anchored their life.

Indeed, it was a revelation to me, to find this introspective approach to making choices and discover the inherent talent vested in each one. I realised that being in the element not only enables one to grow and excel in their choice or vocation, but also leads to comfort with self.

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