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Change and Persevere

Print Edition: Sep 16, 2012

Roughly two years ago, when I was leaving Bharti Airtel to set up on my own, my boss, Sanjay Kapoor, told me: "Remember Imti, entrepreneurship is a one-way road."

At the time it seemed like cautionary wisdom, because I was letting go of a great job at a big company and setting off on an uncertain path. But as I started that journey, it became crystal clear what he actually meant.

Being an entrepreneur required me to change a lot - personally and professionally. When I set my goals and knew what needed doing, the biggest change happened in my mind. I quickly learned that running a start-up is like riding a giant wave - lots of highs and lows and so often on a daily basis.

So many times the thought of letting go would creep in, but the words of Sanjay Kapoor kept coming back, echoing the advice to hold on, change and persevere. Because when your calling is to become a successful entrepreneur, there's only one road to take.

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