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Make Your Dream a Success

Print Edition: Sep 16, 2012

We faced rejection from Indian venture capitalists, didn't want to take up corporate careers and pursued our dream. Today, after five years, we reach over 500 million consumers in more than 165 countries, a few billion times a day through our network. Apart from being lucky, many crucial factors paved the way:

Take Risks, Fail Fast, Correct Faster:
We tried two business models, discarded them when they didn't shape up, and succeeded on the third one, all within a year.

Think Global: The world is your market, and the Internet enables global businesses to be built from anywhere. Leverage it.

Think Different: Our reverse market strategy helped growth. We established leadership positions in Asia and Africa, and then entered and grew in the EU and US markets.

Hire Smart, Empower Fast:
Hire the best talent across the globe and empower them to make decisions.

Build a Stable, Scalable Quality Product: Focus on building a global quality product from India that can scale. Most companies make the mistake of placing early sales ahead of the long-term product. This balance is crucial.

As budding entrepreneurs, think big, think different, respect luck and most importantly, never give up.

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