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Your Best Friend Is Your Inner Voice

Print Edition: Sep 16, 2012

To my mind, the best advice I have received is to listen to my inner voice. As we all know, every corporate journey presents challenges and opportunities. At each turning point, critical decisions can define success or failure. While the process of decision-making is driven by deep insights, organisational capabilities, strategy and plans, often a final choice needs to be made from competing alternatives. At such crossroads, in an encouraging environment where different views are valued, it is but natural to receive an abundance of diverse and well-intentioned advice. Such advice indeed makes you stop and think and refine your views.

However, at the end of the day, a final call has to be taken for which one can assume responsibility. At such moments, your best friend is indeed your inner voice, which guides you to do what is right for the organisation and its many stakeholders. To my mind, the strength of conviction as well as the courage to do what is right is deeply influenced by one's Values and an overarching Vision. At ITC, we have always been inspired by our abiding Vision to put Country before Corporation and the Institution before the Individual. Strong Values of trusteeship, nation orientation, consumer focus, excellence and integrity drive every thought and action at ITC. Even in adversity and in the most trying times, such values which shape the inner voice can guide one to the right decision.

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