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Just Do It or Simply Refuse

Print Edition: Sep 16, 2012

Either do it or you don't but never say you will "try to" do something

Sunil Mittal

Krishnan Ganesh, Founder & CEO, TutorVista; CEO, Smarthinking
Krishnan Ganesh, Founder & CEO, TutorVista; CEO, Smarthinking Photo: Deepak G . Pawar
As CEO of Bharti British Telecom, I used to work directly with Sunil Mittal. During meetings on strategy and plans, we used to have stimulating debates and heated arguments. At the end of it, Sunil Mittal used to take a firm commitment - either the senior managers were going to do it, or they had the choice to refuse. Accepting to try an idea was not an option. Agreeing to "try to do it" is a sure-shot recipe for a half-hearted attempt that will result in failure.

This has helped me as I started four companies and built strong teams to get people committed to a cause or task wholeheartedly rather than start with doubts and dissonance. Unless you have fun in what you do, you can never achieve success

Napoleon Hill

A very relevant and valuable message, it has stood me in good stead for all my business endeavours and in my personal life also. It was while reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill that I realised this is a simple key to unlock success. If you truly and passionately believe in what you do and derive fun from doing it, work will cease to seem like an arduous task. You will be driven solely by your dream and success will beckon. Never start out simply with the idea of getting rich, have a larger ambition and when something is not fun, just move on.

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