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Team G&G        Print Edition: November 2012

HP Spectre XT
Rs 64,900
An Ultrabook that looks like one and works like one, while not really priced like one-that is the HP Spectre XT. A stunner of an Ultrabook that can do pretty much anything you throw at it, the Spectre XT hasn't taken long to become a favourite in our books. And, the best spec has to be the price.


IOS OMR digital pen
Rs 7,425 to Rs 11,175
Not everyone is good at typing. So if you want to bring the speed of manual writing to a digital format you need a digital pen. The IRISNotes range of pens from OMR India Outsources can capture and save handwritten notes and drawings in digital format. The receiver can store up to 100 pages of text which can be converted by the Optical Character Recognition application to electronic text.

Norton 360 Multi-Device
Rs 3,499 for 3 devices
Norton has come up with a one-stop solution in its Norton 360 mult-device, a single security software which can protest your smartphone, tablet as well as PC. With an online dashboard to control and protect these devices, Norton shows us a sneak peak into how our tech lives will span out.

Portronics Greenlock 2
Rs 2,999
How do you protect your data at work? Get a Portronics Greenlock to do the job for you by locking your screen as soon as you move away from it. You will have to wear Greenlock like other dog tags given by your office.

Mantis lamp
Rs 1,800
For those who like to work in the dark to keep their focus, the Mantis lamp could turn out to be a bright idea. This clip-on task lamp brightens your workspace without a tangle of wires. The 11 LEDs are powered by AA batteries, which means you can take this where your work takes you.

AOC USB monitor
Rs 5,490
Ever missed an extra screen to show others what you have on your laptop or tablet? Well, there is finally an affordable solution-a USB monitor. The AOC e1649Fwu brings plug-and play ease to those who need an extra monitor. The USB is the only thing you need to send power and signals to this extra 15.6-inch screen that will open an entire world of opportunity for many people.

NEC LED mobile professional projector
Rs 86,000
Mobile projectors are supposed to be tiny Picos that have limited features. But the new L51W LED from NEC is both mobile and powerful. With 500 ANSI Lumens brightness and 1280 x 800p resolution images coming from a 1.2 kg device, this projector can be very handy for professionals who are on the move. The projector is 3D ready and has a 1GB internal memory.

HP Ink Advantage 3525
Rs 7,699
One of the best all-in-one printers available in the market, the HP 3525 is easy to set-up and is economical to use. It manages to churn out 23 monochrome prints per minute and 22 colour sheets per minute. Weighing 5 kg, it has an 80-page input tray and offers Wi-Fi connectivity. It is capable of printing up to 600 sheets per ink cartridge, and yes, a new cartridge is affordable at Rs 449.

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