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The company makes it its business to keep the minds of its people sharp.

E. Kumar Sharma | Print Edition: Feb 6, 2011

It has its own Formula One racing. Only, this Grand Prix, called the B1-Broadridge Grand Prix, is a yearly endeavour to encourage the passion and understanding of business knowledge within Broadridge Financial Solutions (India).

The Indian subsidiary of Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of technology-based outsourcing solutions to the financial services industry, has quiz exercises. Complete with teams that have their own driver, and coach, and pit stops and tracks and trophies, the Broadridge game tests its employees' knowledge of markets, instruments, identifiers and brokerage operations.

Broadridge Financial

Number of employees: 1,100

Number of people hired in 2010: 300

Customer retention: 98%

Male, Female employee ratio: 3:1

Training per employee in a year (hours): 40
Early last year, the company had its own TPL, or technology premier league, modelled on cricket's Indian Premier League, or IPL, to engage software developers. Broadridge does not keep just its employees engaged. Its work-life integration goes the extra mile to sharpen the minds of their children as well. The company offers CoRT, quickspeak for Cognitive Research Trust, a certification programme from the Edward de Bono thinking system, to all children in the 8-14 age group. They get to attend workshops that help them think logically yet creatively.

In 2007, Broadridge decided to fund a Rs 1.2 crore programme over three years for a bridge camp operated by the MV Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation run by Dr Shantha Sinha, a Magsaysay Award winner. The Foundation works towards the eradication of child labour. "Since October 2007, we have been able to put at least 150 children back in the mainstream," says V. Laxmikanth, Managing Director of Broadridge Financial Solutions (India). The children were taken out from their places of work, put into government schools and their progress tracked.

Laxmikanth, or VLK, as he is referred to within the company, says the work-life integration and employee engagement initiatives have helped retain talent. "Starting out as a Broadridge subsidiary in India three-and-a-half years ago, over 60 per cent of our headcount has been with us for more than three years and our customer retention has been 98 per cent," he says.

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