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66 reasons to keep your faith in India

     Print Edition: Jan 6, 2013

The red light is not flashing for India, nor are all our engines getting a clear green signal. But there is a lot of luminous, fluorescent orange - the fresh citrus colour of excitement and anticipation and of a million opportunities raring to go. Sixty-six bright splashes of orange that tell you why India is a hotspot of hope.

Energy, enterprise, enthusiasm mark India, home to the world's youngest population. Where one in six people owns a business and farming is a growth sector - literally; where home-grown supercomputers plot a path to Mars; where private wealth is fuelling revolutions in education; where the world is in a small device in your palm. Read the stories, one for every year of freedom. Feel the flow, and bask in the glow.

 India - A hotspot of hope



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