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Presenting the BT-PWC India Listing of India's top 100 CEOs
     Print Edition: Jan 5, 2014
Roll of Honour: India's Top 100 CEOs

The companies they head have defied the slowdown, runaway input costs, high interest rates and adverse market conditions to deliver stunning results. Presenting the BT-PWC India Listing of India's top 100 CEOs -


The process of picking the winners of the BT-PwC India's Best CEOs 2013 awards started with the BT500 listing of India's most valuable companies.

The following companies were eliminated: those which made losses in any of the previous three fiscal years, those which got listed during that period, those where the CEOs were not in charge for the full period, those whose fiscal reporting period was not between nine and 15 months and those whose annual reports were not available till 6 pm on October 24, 2013.

The data used was extracted from CMIE's Prowess database. The filtered list was then assessed on total income, net profit, market cap and return on equity over three fiscal years.*

The result was a Top 100 list of CEOs. This was then sliced into 10 categories and the top companies in each presented to a jury to choose the winners.

(*Total income and net profi t numbers are net of prior period and extraordinary income and expenses.)

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