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A selection of indicators and survey results showing the best and the worst of Life at Work and Life after Work.

Print Edition: June 28, 2009

A selection of indicators and survey results showing the best and the worst of Life at Work and Life after Work.

The highest number of seats for MBA and Engineering per capita are in Noida, but it also has one of the worst literacy rates. Respondents ranked Vadodara highest in the quality of schools, while Delhi’s schools fare poorly.

Patna, surprisingly, is ranked at #4 for having amongst the lowest crimes against women but then again, in terms of general safety of women, it is ranked at #22 implying that most crimes aren’t reported in the city

Residents’ rating of their city Municipal Corporation in terms of maintenance of roads, water logging, cleanliness, etc

Much better than other cities Chandigarh: 59%

Somewhat worse than other cities Bangalore: 36%

Use of contraceptives is vital for a city's well-being, considering India has one of the fastest growing HIV infection rates globally. 78% of Visakhapatnam residents used contraceptives, the highest in India, while only 43% of Guwahati's residents used them. Mumbai (59%), Kolkata (69%) and Delhi (65%) weren’t too impressive

Chandigarh’s citizens are wealthiest in India with a per capita income of Rs 1,41,863 for urban households.

Mumbai residents are next at Rs 1,25,749 p.a. Ahmedabad and Surat both have higher per capita incomes than Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

Among the bigger cities, Hyderabad ranks the lowest on per capita income, at #15

14% employment growth belongs to Noida, the leader in the pack. Gurgaon follows at 11%

#5 in job advertisements, Mumbai fares poorly (# 23) in employment growth

In India, water is often a privilege, rather than a necessity. Barely half (51%) of the respondents in Bangalore and 60% in Hyderabad say that they get municipal water supply at least once a day, compared to 81% in Chennai and 96% in Mumbai. Can these silicon cities be truly world class?

Reported frequency of water supply at least once a day 91% (Delhi), 18%(Coimbatore)

Residents’ perception of adequacy of public transport vis-à-vis other cities

Much worse say 39% in Gurgaon

Much better say 47% in Mumbai

Respondents in these cities said traffic was much worse than in others

Bangalore: 34%
Kanpur: 33%
Kochi: 31%
Ludhiana: 30%
Mumbai: 29%
Delhi: 26%
Hyderabad: 25%
Thane: 25%
Pune: 24%

Peak hour traffic
45% of Chandigarh’s residents thought that traffic in their city was much better than others. 30% in Ludhiana thought that theirs was much worse

Residents who reported no daily power cuts

Ahmedabad: 73%
Surat: 69%
Mumbai: 62%
Vadodara: 49%
Chandigarh: 36%
Jaipur: 30%

Not a day goes by without a power cut inNoida and Ghaziabad, say residents. It’s not much better elsewhere in the NCR

58% in Kanpur say pollution levels in their city are extremely high. 43% in Ludhiana also say that their air is toxic

The boom in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad has meant that few can afford to buy a house amidst soaring real estate prices. The three cities were at the bottom of the heap for cities with the most owned houses. Jaipur, Howrah and Noida topped the category of cities with most owned houses. Gurgaon, Noida and Mumbai had the least affordable rentals

Nashik, Nagpur and Ahmedabad have higher per capita availability of malls than either Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore

Gurgaon and Noida have the highest per capita availability of restaurants, beating Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai which are next in the category

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