Team G&G | Print Edition: June 2012

Nikon Coolpix P510
Nikon Coolpix P510 is one of the best easy camera options if you are planning a long trip abroad. With 16.1 megapixels, a 42X optical zoom, 24mm wide lens, Full HD movie recording and built in GPS, it has everything you might need for those picturesque foreign locales.
Price: 23,950

Travel tips
  • Make sure you have a relevant power adapter for the country you are visiting.
  • Choose early morning flights as airports are relatively empty.
  • Roll clothes instead of folding them to pack in more.
Portronics Scanny 4
If you are travelling abroad for work, a portable scanner can be useful for scanning important documents. The Scanny 4 works on two AA batteries and has a small display that shows the scanned image. Using a data cable, you can transfer documents to the laptop.

SanDisk 64GB Extreme
ProSDXC card
If you are on a long camera -toting trip abroad, one thing you cannot avoid is a large hearted memory card. And memory cards can't get larger than SanDisk's 64GB Extreme ProSDXC UHS-I Card. With up to 90 MB per second write speeds, it lets photographers capture a series of RAW images using burst mode or record Full HD videos.
Price: 16,299


Sky Scanner
Free; Universal
A must-have app when planning a trip, the app shows flight options if you enter starting point and destination. Customise search by airlines, number of stops, time, duration as well as airports.

Trip Advisor
Free; Universal
If you love planning holidays on your own, Trip Advisor will help you from booking tickets to hotels to check out restaurant reviews. Instead of keying in locations, one can also use current location.

Free; iOS
This app features some of the best places to stay across the world. Browsing through the apps shows numerous places across the world that can be rented for a day or for a longer duration, and not all of these are hotels.

XE Currency
Free; iOS & Android
The best currency conversion app, it fetches the rates and let's you convert in the desired currency all based on latest data.

Free; iOS
While travelling, you can never be sure of the food and drinks at any joint. But this app will show you the nearby food spots and available reviews based on your current location.

Apple iPhone 4S
This is undoubtedly the best phone to carry around. Not because if offers a perfect interface but there are numerous apps that will help you travel and explore the locations abroad. The 8MP camera onboard offers the best imaging and the iPod compensates for a portable music player.
Price: Rs 47,500

HydraCoach Intelligent
Water Bottle
When abroad, we often give our eating and drinking habits a miss. This intelligent water bottle calculates the personal hydration level and real time fluid consumption throughout the day and then motivates you to drink more fluids.

Samsonite Universal Power Adapter
Price: 1,890

Apple's new iPad
Carrying an iPad is just like carrying a portable computing device. You can't take out your laptop everywhere but you can get a microSIM with data connectivity for your iPad and use it on the go. But don't forget to load it with apps, games and movies that will turn it into a personal entertainment hub for those boring waits at airports and bus stations.
Price: Rs 38,500

SEE-U v8
This will be your eye on your home when away on a holiday. This state-of-the-art CCTV technology from Godrej Security Solutions lets you view live video feed of your home on a mobile device. Aided by a Do It Yourself kit, the installation of this camera is easy and simple. All you need is an Internet connection on the laptop or mobile to get connected to the camera. Its advanced software can support up to eight cameras in the house.
Price: Rs 18,000

DesignGo SIM card saver
The simcard saver can duplicate up to two mobile phone SIM cards. If you lose a phone while travelling, just use this device to re-write all your contacts onto another SIMcard. The Saver is 2G and 3G compatible and stores up to 250 record on each card, 500 in total.
Price: Rs 830

Zicom Home Alarm
If you are planning a long trip and are worried about the security of your home instal Zicom's home alarm coupled with the fingerprint lock. The user-friendly home alam can be a potent deterrent for break-ins. The alarm is loud enough to be heard by the neighbours and security guards. There is also a tamper sensor built in.
Price: Rs 15,990


Rail Planner Live
Price: £3.99; For iOS, Android, Windows Phone,
Planning to attend one of the events that will held outside London? Get the Rail Planner Live app that will simplify the process as it gives live updates, route planning information, track trains and even purchase tickets.

London Bus Checker
$2.99; iOS & Android
If travelling to London Olympics, public transport is one thing you are likely to rely on. Using this app you can plan your route, track your bus, find the nearest stop, route changes and alerts on the phone itself.

London 2012 Schedule
There are different applications available on different platforms that offers 2012 London game schedule. While some are paid and some free, these apps list events, venues, news, etc.

TripAdvisor Offline Cities
While the native TripAdvisor apps requires constant Internet connectivity on the move, the Offline City guide can be installed and used for reference any time. This includes restaurants, local attractions, hotels, self guided tours, city facts, etc.

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