India on the mind

     Print Edition: Jan 9, 2011

India as an idea is centuries old, if not more, chroniclers have told us. Colonial rule sapped the country. Independence failed to restore its economic might. But the last 20 years mark a trajectory that is taking the country up again.

BT reached out to some of India's finest minds to paint in broad-brush strokes the big picture they saw for the country, and to others to talk about their corporate models.

Gopalkrishna Gandhi asserts that India may be a Republic of Regrets, but never a Nation of the Naive. Arun Maira reminds us that India's entrepreneurs, the fireflies, are rising. Nandan Nilekani argues that a country is shaped by the ideas that dominate the great majority rather than the governing class. Noted sociologist Dipankar Gupta cites history to assert that the elite have led social change.

We present their distilled worldview, which, we believe, gives this edition permanency on your bookshelf.

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