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Print Edition: Jan 6, 2013

1. In May 2010...
...revenue department informed residents of Shimoga through newspaper ads that they would soon approach them to survey their properties

2. Soon after...

... department officials began a door-to-door survey

3. Home owners...

... had to be present when their properties were surveyed
They were also asked to submit relevant papers to show they owned the properties

4. Revenue

...officials temporarily took away the ownership papers to compare them with the government's other databases and ensure their authenticity

5. Details...


... of property ownership on every street were publicised in newspapers...

6. Where there was no dispute...

... the revenue department started generating digital data. As part of digitisation, owners got a property record which included all details of the property, including its map and global coordinates, on a 'property register' (PR) card. They had to pay a one-time fee of around Rs 300

The cards are proposed to be linked to the government's Aadhaar database, which provides a unique ID to all Indians

7. The final PR cards...

... in Shimoga were issued to owners in November, two and a half years after the process started.

8. The revenue department was surprised to find at the end of the exercise that...

Though SHIMOGA has 70,000 properties. municipal records showed only 54,000
About 33 per cent of Shimoga never existed in municipal records, which meant no property tax was being paid on these properties.

9.Property buyers can now check the seller's PR card to make sure they are not being cheated. Also, some Shimoga residents will no longer enjoy freebies at the expense of others who pay property tax.

Art: Rajat Baran
Text: Sanjiv Shankaran And K.R. Balasubramanyam

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