Ok, now help me buy a tablet, will ya...

Ashish Bhatia | Print Edition: December 2011

As with every device, you need to determine your needs. If you are buying a tablet just to keep up with the Jains', amen! But the fact remains that you will be forking out a sizable amount of moolah. So you really ought to chew on this a bit. If you think that it will rid you of your laptop, it most likely won't. Unless of course you intend to use your tablet primarily for answering mail, browsing, reading, media playback, Facebook , Twitter and all that social media jazz. Even more so if you like to do all this on the move.

If you want to use it for a lot of typing, you will be better off adding a Bluetooth keyboard to it. And that means lugging around the keyboard as well. Remember, at best, a tablet is like a lightweight laptop.

The advantage of a 7-inch tablets-even though this size has fallen out of favour in the last few months-is that it is lighter, far more portable than its 10-inch siblings and easier to hold and operating with one hand. On the other hand, bigger screen real estate has its own advantages. Everything looks better on Big Bro. Text is more readable without having to zoom in. And images, graphics, video and games are far more impressive, immersive and attractive.

When it comes to storage capacity, for most people 8 GB to 16 GB is quite enough. If you want to keep a lot of videos and movies on your tablet, you need larger storage. Or something that accepts external storage media like microSD cards.

If you are usually ensconced in a WiFi environment, you may not want 3G. But if your intent is online use-for news, YouTube, mail, social networking while you're on the move in a car, bus, or train etc-a 3G model is what you should get. Of course, it depends on how much you want to spend. Obviously, a 3G model is more expensive. Today, you have slates available from just over Rs 10,000 all the way up to 50K.

As for running costs, you can actually spend as little as Rs 100 a month on 3G if you are careful about your use and don't employ your 3G connection for streaming Internet videos and downloading heavy files like graphics-intensive magazines and apps.

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