The Great Showdown: Tablets Vs Phones Vs Ultrabooks

Nidhi Singal & Nandagopal Rajan        Print Edition: October 2012

Computing these days is not fettered to the office table. In fact, it has broken the shackles and become portable and mobile like never before. So we see the smaller devices trying to add more computing power even as the powerful devices are becoming more compact.

And if we talk about mobile devices, the buck stops at the three strongest categories - smartphones, tablets and Ultrabooks. While many of us use more than one of these devices, we seldom bother to see if one of them is good enough to get rid of the other two. Here we pit our picks from the three segments against each other to see how they fare in a faceoff.

Gadgets & Gizmos has scored each device out of 100 based on 10 parameters which we thought were crucial to all of them. However, in some areas, like cameras, it was not an even playing field.

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