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Nandagopal Rajan | Print Edition: August 2012

The television is the one-stop entertainment hub for most of us. So it is only natural that you look at accessories that add to the TV viewing experience.


While many smart TVs have Internet capabilities, they have no means to connect to the Web. This is why you will need a wireless USB adaptor for them to link to the Wi-Fi connection. The Samsung WIS09ABGN supports most smart TVs and Blu-ray players of the brand and supports TV all share and DLNA.
Price: Rs 3,000

If you have a TV with Internet capabilities and Skype you will need one of these to actually make the call. The Sony CMU-BR100 skype camera connects to the TV with plug-and-play ease and costs Rs 4,990. The Samsung VG-STC2000, meanwhile, claims to be the World's Smallest TV Camera Lens with innovative Mic technology. This unit ($99) has a doublehinge-neck and can adjust lens position for the perfect shooting angle.
Rs 4,990 onwards

The DVD player might not be really up to the task if you have a large HD television at home, especially if the desire is to watch a 3D movie. This is where the Blu-ray player comes in.

The best value for money Blu-ray player, this unit also gives you access to apps on the Samsung Smart Hub, making your TV a bit more smart. Along with Blu-ray and DVD discs it also lets you play files stored on USBs or external hard-drives.
Rs 7,990

LG BD560
The BD560 can play 3D with ease while also letting you access videos on YouTube or photos from a Picasa web album. This one too can play files from USBs and external hard-drives. There is also a USB Recording feature to help create MP3 music format files from audio CDs.
Rs 8,888

While you will be tempted to, it is never a great idea to clean a flat screen panel with a wet cloth. You will need a good cleaning solution, something like the Antec Advance Cleaning Solutions line which includes a 100 per cent natural cleaner, along with a 3x strength deep cleaning gel. All products are free of alcohol and ammonia and will help keep your TV fingerprint resistant, bacteria and static free. The solutions work well for touchscreens too.

An important accessory for any large screen TV is its stand and wall mount. While most TV buyers end up getting the cheapest option, it is only later that they realise its lack of utility. A good stand must have easy swivel and be stable, wall mounts need to be good with cable management and support tilt.

The Milagrow MGM 004 can take weights of up to 50 kg and has two slabs for set-top-boxes and Blu-ray players. This wood finish wall mount costs `18,990. Milagrow's MGPL4011, on the other hand, is an articulating wall mount with pivot as well as left/right swivel. The model is fall and theft proof and costs Rs 9,990.
Rs 9,990 onwards

With televisions becoming more specialised and expensive you have to look at where you are going to keep it. Then being the couch potato's dream machine, you need a good couch too.

This hedonistic recliner is at the pinnacle of couch potato quotient and is plushly pillowed with a high back, channel-stitched details and full-body chaise reclining comfort and support.
Rs 25,000

Zuari Furnitures has many options for large screen TV owners. We liked their Plasma TV unit (code: 117) with four drawers which can easily hold a 50-inch screen. For a smaller screen size you could opt for the TV audio unit with swivel (Code: 125) which has space for an audio system as well as a DVD player. For something more simple, take a look at Style Spas Low Wall Unit 150, which is ideal for large screens and is capable of accommodating home theatre systems and amplifiers.
Price on request

Headsets are not just for use with the iPod or phone-they come in handy when you want to watch something on TV when the rest of the household is asleep. Or maybe just to give you your own personal viewing space.

These lightweight cordless headphones are ideal for those who want their TV viewing to be a personal experience. Being open headphones they don't heat up after long hours and there is a signal reception of up to 7 metres so that you can use it even in large rooms. There are two audio inputs available for easy connection with audio equipment and PC.
RS 1,749

A bit costly, but the Sennheiser RS 220 is truly the audiophiles dream headphone. Its transmitter sends the digital signals to the headphones without compression via a stable 2.4 GHz connection using the Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology and this ensures that the sound is crisp and clear anywhere in a 30-metre range. The best sound in the wireless range.
Rs 24,990

For us HD often only means 1080p pictures. We fail to realise that it also means hi-fidelity 5.1 sound. So while we end up spending a packet on the television, the audio aspect is mostly neglected. If you need to make the best use of your HD sound, a good home theatre is what you need.

This 6.2channel MU TE KI system supports two highperformance subwoofers, offering more balanced bass distribution and letting listeners experience all details of their favourite music and movies. Being a component system, it also has Full HD 1080p Video Output via HDMI, 24P True Cinema and Decoding for DTS-ES / DTS 96/24 /DTS NEO 6 /Dolby Digital EX / Dolby Pro Logic IIx. Ideal for cinema junkies.
Rs 44,990

This home theatre from Samsung promises the full range of sound at a fraction of the cost of rival products. A built-in front-firing subwoofer at the bottom of the speaker delivers rich and deep low-end tones to ensure you get the best out of even low quality terrestrial broadcasts. Plus there is smart volume levelling so that you are not taken aback as you shift channels. Sophisticated voice cancellation technology removes the vocals from tracks so that you can sing along with the background music.
Rs 23,990

3D pictures have already entered our living room, but have you given 3D sound a thought? LG's top-of-the-range HX906TX 3D Sound Home Theatre System boasts of 360-degree surround sound, which when combined with a 3D television becomes an other-worldly experience. This stylish 9.1 speaker system actually adds four upright 3D Speakers to the conventional 5.1 channels to give more dimensions to sound.
Rs 59,990

If your TV is HD it is better that your webchats on it are also in HD. For this you will need webcams that are up to the task. Though a bit expensive the Tely Labs' telyHD is among the best options with noise cancelling microphones and Wi-Fi. The Logitech HD webcam C615 is a cheaper option, though the video calling is at 720p resolution. Price: 14,310 & 5,390

This tiny little receiver will let you watch over-the-air ATSC-M/H TV broadcasts without incurring any charges. While it doesn't work on TVs (if you were thinking of replacing your house-top antenna), this USB-sized tuner can bring the TV to your laptop, netbook or computer. The device lets you watch TV shows at your own time with scheduled recording, pause, resume and rewind for live TV. But the ATSC-M/H standard, optimised for watching TV on the go, is not yet available in India.

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