'It's All About Culture'

When a manager or a leader makes culture his lodestar, he gives his people a proud identity and values to live by.


More than the dotted lines that link up the hierarchy, it is the invisible lines of trust that are the cornerstone of all people policies.

Adversity builds resilience. It also helped me discover my reason for being - which was to create a self-sustaining high-performance organisation.

The potential of people comes out when you give them challenging assignments, empower them and give them the space to make mistakes.

It may seem counter-intuitive to suggest that focussing on fewer things will help one grow faster, but that is what happens.

Courage is the topmost trait of leadership, which means you refuse to back down, come what may.

We must learn to take criticism positively as it signifies people's concern and it is our responsibility to allay their fears.

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There is no substitute for hard work, self-discipline and commitment to your job and those alone will make people believe in you.

Sifting through each order tells you all about customer behaviour, trends and the larger story at play.

Creating a passionate team with a strong sense of vision and purpose can make a world of difference.

Working backwards from customer needs is key to True Customer Obsession.

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