Is your cat murderous?

Here are some websites that are funny, quirky - and useful.

Print Edition: December 2011

It's a concept site that let's you experiment with page navigation without ever using a mouse click. It's more difficult than you would think-but it also eases a lot of stress on your wrist and fingers. Some day, mouse gestures will work instead of clicks and here's where you learn how.

This one's for the intrepid traveller with a bottomless pile of cash. An undersea lodge in Key Largo, Florida, an igloo hotel in Switzerland or a TV tower hotel in Rotterdam…. For the rich adventurer, this is where you figure out where to stay. For the rest of us, this is where we sigh and ask, "What did we do wrong?"

Rock fans, rejoice. This is not, strictly speaking, an Internet radio station. Register (it's free) and you can choose your favourite rock band's historic shows or live performances, turn up the volume and enjoy.

It's been around for a while, but it has just become better as there are more and more podcasts invading the virtual world. It's a directory of podcasts and vlogs (video blogs, for the uninitiated), all classified and sorted according to genre and popularity.

Good for a laugh-or at least an amused smile. It's like a collection of email forwards, actually, but funnier than most of the forwards in your inbox. Oh, and it has an illustrated guide to how to tell if your cat is trying to kill you.

Okay, we have a complaint. Why has so little been said about this site? It's the perfect way of transporting your iTunes library to other computers or even your smartphone. Register for free and then upload details of your iTunes library. And it does not actually download the actual songs, so there are no storage issues. What it does is refer to your iTunes library and make the same track available for streaming from its own servers. All you need is to be online.

Courtesy:Gadgets and Gizmos

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