Nandagopal Rajan | Print Edition: December 2012

Action Movie FX
Free (iOS)
By Bad Robot Interactive
This fun app lets you bring Hollywood style effects to home videos. Using the app is simple: just select the FX you want, shoot a clip with the iPad and then edit the clip, positioning the effect where you want it to be. While the clips have to be of a duration of at least 5 seconds for the effect to work, you can select any point in the clip where you want the effect to take place. Sadly, just a handful of the FX are free and the rest have to be bought. Still an amazing app.

Free (iOS)
By GMY Studio
This must be the mother of all vintage photo effect apps. Just select, or click, a picture, crop or reposition it before selecting it for the Vintique treatment. You can select a host of vintage photo effects for your photo, and some of them are very good and come with a good dose of nostalgia. However, tweaking the picture settings strangely takes you back to the original image, which is quite useless. You can also add frames and vignettes to the photos and share them online.

Flyte MP3
Free (iOS, Android)
Flyte is one of the best things to have happened to the Indian music scene, giving us legal access to thousands of albums. Flyte now has an app that lets you download your music to phones and tablets. You can decide whether you want to download all, or selected, files to the device. The Android app goes a step further and lets you make purchases too.

Free (iOS)
By Rockmelt Inc
The Rockmelt Browser has finally made its way to the iPad. However, it just does what it used to on the web and that is sad, because every browser and new aggregator on the tablet does the same. You can add newsfeeds, share pages with social network contacts and or even save them for later reading. Nothing new here.

Free (iOS & Android)
By Citrix
If you are one of those who gets regular invites for video conference calls then it is time you downloaded this app. A lot of video conferences are hosted on the Citrix platform and using this app you can take part in these web meetings without any hassle. You just need to add the meeting id, your name and email to take part in a meeting. Along with the video chat, the app also lets you send text messages to participants.

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