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Powerful, flashy but pricey

The new Endeavour is great for highway cruising, not for negotiating city roads.

Kushan Mitra        Print Edition: March 23, 2008

New Endeavour
New Endeavour
The first time BT drove the Ford Endeavour four years ago, we headlined the article, For a Few Horses More. That was the perennial problem with the Endeavour. It was very big but felt like it was powered by a food blender. And while its low-end torque meant that the 4x4 version could deal with most of whatever you threw at it off the road, on the road, the extremely narrow power band meant you really had to mash the gears to get moving.

The Ford Endeavour weighed as much as two regular cars but had a puny 2.5 litre engine, which would have been barely enough for one car, let alone two. So, the Endeavour Thunder+, the third iteration of the SUV should be slightly better because it has a moderately bigger 3-litre engine.

Wrong. This new Endeavour is not “slightly better” to drive, it is a lot better. The power does not come in little teaspoons; it rather comes through a straw. What we mean is that the Thunder+ has more power. Fair enough, you still need to work the gears and shifting gears, while not requiring a superhuman effort, can get very tiresome. So, this SUV is not a city vehicle.

Then again, this vehicle is longer than some light commercial vehicles and is not something you would want for narrow alleys. This is a highway cruiser. However, the last row can, as always, be folded up very easily. And the vehicle continues to remain one of the best cars to own if you like your dogs large.

Ford Endeavour Thunder+
2953cc, 4-cylinder Common Rail Diesel
Power: 156PS @ 3500rpm
Torque: 280Nm @ 2800rpm
Mileage (city): 10.5 km/litre
Price (as tested): Rs 17.32 lakh
(ex-showroom Delhi)
Somehow, the beige interiors seem to gel perfectly with a golden Labrador. In fact, the car reminds you of a Labrador, playful, though with a habit of lazing around.

The Thunder+ does get more done than any previous version of the car. In fact, this is the car that the Endeavour should always have been. In a world of petrol-powered SUVs, this diesel bruiser is also economical. It looks the part and it has fourwheel drive. This is a “look at me, I have a huge car” sort of SUV, very chunky, lots of plastic cladding and acres of chrome. This is not understated at all.

But as a city car, it is too big and cumbersome. Seriously, if you want a car that can carry a lot of people and your dogs, is comfortable and easy to drive and though less showy, you can get a Toyota Innova for quite a bit less than the Rs 17.3 lakh that the Ford Endeavour Thunder+ costs in Delhi.

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