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Team BT   New Delhi     Print Edition: May 21, 2017


WHAT: Global Think Tank Summit 2017

WHEN: May 1-3, Yokohama, Japan

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The Asian Development Bank Institute and the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program of the University of Pennsylvania are organising the Global Think Tank Summit 2017. The meet is expected to attract over 100 think tank officials from over 80 organisations in more than 60 countries. The speaker list includes Haruhiko Kuroda (Governor, Bank of Japan) and Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate; Founder of Grameen Bank). The event will generate papers and policy briefs.


WHAT: Workshop on 'Innovation for Market Leadership'

WHEN: May 5, Chennai

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The one-day CII workshop shall provide insights on what innovation is all about and its importance in creating leaders in the market. It will present innovation as something that can be learnt and applied by everyone. The workshop participants will be able to understand the various processes pertaining to innovation and how they can be leveraged to succeed in business.


WHAT: Workshop on Hiring for Success

WHEN: May 8-9, Mumbai

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The FICCI workshop will debate how to recruit the best talent in a fast changing workplace. Multiple generations working together in a world driven by technology have given birth to a more challenging environment for recruiters than ever before. The meet will discuss how the traditional ways of hiring are diminishing in returns while organisations continue to pursue the path to greater outcomes and excellence.


WHAT: Seminar on 'Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace'

WHEN: May 11, Delhi

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: This CII interactive workshop will be a detailed overview of what sexual harassment is,explain legal definitions, discuss its prevention, and show how to handle complaints and maintain a positive work environment. Participants will learn to identify, take action and distinguish potential sexual harassment issues before they occur. It will be a participatory seminar and focus directly on improving skills to handle any sexual harassment complaint.


WHAT: Forum on 'The Business of Government: Learnings from Global Experience'

WHEN: May 11, New Delhi

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: FICCI is organising a session on the 'Business of Government' in partnership with NITI Aayog. The forum proposes to engage with the government's administrative machinery to discuss best practices in effective delivery of governance, in short the Business of Government, particularly with respect to social issues.


WHAT: World Bank Conference on 'Ending Poverty: The Road to 2030'

WHEN: May 11-12, Copenhagen, Denmark

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: This World Bank event presents an opportunity to showcase the world's progress to date on reducing extreme poverty, identify barriers to future progress, convene country representatives to reflect on real-life lessons and progress, and highlight and share the World Bank Group's analysis of ending global poverty by 2030.


WHAT: Conference on Next Stage Manufacturing

WHEN: May 12, Jaipur

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The CII conference would focus on innovation, new technology, design and quality driven manufacturing. The aim is to bring together domestic and international automation and robotics professionals to facilitate exchange of information on Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, cloud computing, among other issues.

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