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Recent global events have shown a surge in protectionism, nationalism and nativism.
Team BT   New Delhi     Print Edition: October 8, 2017


WHAT: India Economic Summit

WHEN: Oct 4-6, New Delhi

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Recent global events have shown a surge in protectionism, nationalism and nativism. Countries are now dependent on each other to address common challenges. India's growth has been instrumental in ensuring South Asia is the fastest-growing region in the world. As the world economy undergoes a slowdown, it is critical that India continues on this trajectory to ensure regional and global growth. At the same time, the country should take a more active role in geostrategic affairs. As the largest democracy and with a pluralistic society, India's active global engagement has a symbolic significance. For this to be Asia's century, India's role is crucial. The 2017 India Economic Summit, held in partnership with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), will explore some of these issues while engaging the global multistakeholder community of the World Economic Forum for action and impact.


WHAT: India Gas Infrastructure Conference

WHEN: Oct 4, New Delhi

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The Indian natural gas sector is facing one of the major challenges in terms of lower quantum and sluggish growth in domestic gas production, under-utilisation of re-gasification and transmission pipeline infrastructure and global oil and gas market dynamics. Developing gas infrastructure is only one aspect of the strategy. Real challenge is in integrating the value chain.


WHAT: Workshop on effective supervisory skills

WHEN: Sept 21, Puducherry

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Supervisors need a certain set of skills in order to accomplish jobs efficiently and effectively. It may be on the lowest end of the management pole, but their leadership and management skills are absolutely essential to the success of any organization. Supervisors need to solve problems, which means, they must possess critical thinking skills.


WHAT: North East Infrastructure Conclave

WHEN: Sept 23, Delhi

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: As India moves into the high growth trajectory, the way the country's North-East region grows will largely impact the economy and inclusive growth. For the North East to be a part of the Indian story, it is essential to develop infrastructure and connectivity in the region. With the renewed focus on the Act East Policy, the development of the infrastructure in the North East has been given a lot of priority.

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