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India Today Conclave 2011: Festival of Ideas

This year's India Today Conclave featured thought leaders from around the world.  BT interviewed those who had something interesting to say about business and economy.

Print Edition: April 17, 2011

This year's India Today Conclave, the tenth in the series, took place against the backdrop of the natural disasters in Japan that nearly caused a nuclear meltdown, and political upheaval in North Africa and West Asia helped in no small degree by the Internet and social media.

And who did we have as guest speakers? Eminent historian Niall Ferguson, Egypt's opposition leader and Nobel laureate Mohamed ElBaradei, better known for his role at the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the Internet's founder Tim Berners-Lee, among others.

The star of the show was Republican Party leader Sarah Palin, with the likes of Arun Shourie and Jairam Ramesh helping keep alive the domestic debates on corruption and forests versus industry.

The two-day exclusive event had enough takeways for the who's who of India's industrial and political landscapes. We bring you the best from the Conclave.


A nuclear accident anywhere is an accident everywhere: ElBaradei

2G Scam: Arun Shourie says Centre has succeeded, not Opposition

Internet Has to be a Neutral Place, says Tim Berners Lee

Washington is starting to look like Delhi: Niall Ferguson

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