The Animal Campaigner

PFA does not believe in euthanasia and gives animals a fighting chance to survive.


Enabling differently abled people go about their daily life seamlessly should be the next milestone for innovative companies.

Shanti Ekambaram is scaling up consumer banking by increasing throughput from ING Vysya branches and digital offerings.

Schauna Chauhan Saluja is revamping Parle Agro, improving technology and extending its reach.

Millions of girls in India are denied education as society sees them as a liability.

Rekha Menon is taking Accenture into the future by re-training the workforce.

She bestrides the divergent worlds of manufacturing sugar and the arts with elan.

Since Preethi Herman took over, the number of petitions on Change.org has risen from 50 a month to 2,000.

The most high-profile engagement in 2016 was the repetitive wins for Tata Sons and Ratan Tata in the rather bitter Tata-versus-Mistry battle.

Her Reliance Foundation has improved lives of 12 million people


Shanti Raghavan gave up a high-flying corporate career to work at skilling the disabled and finding them jobs.

Children are not our future; they are our present, and they need to be empowered now.

Samina Vaziralli, who quit her job to be a homemaker, finds herself running the Rs 14,630 crore Cipla.

Ruchi Mathur brings together experts and funding to solve the problems of Pune city.

Reema Sathes venture is raising farmers incomes, reviving indigenous grain varieties.

Her efforts to update the VIP brand are showing results.

Pooja Warier Hamilton helps social entrepreneurs find their feet.

Padmaja Ruparel wants to mobilise Rs 5,000 crore in 10 years and deploy that in 500 companies. The aim is to build a robust start-up ecosystem.

Godrej Cosumer sees a 20-fold rise in market-cap under the Godrej family scion.