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7 things about Windows 7

Microsoft has launched its latest operating system. Kushan Mitra gives you seven reasons why Windows 7 is worth it.

Kushan Mitra        Print Edition: November 15, 2009

Microsoft has launched its latest operating system. We give you seven reasons why Windows 7 is worth it.

  1. Location-based Services: Like the way a web page recognises where you are, the computer will read the Internet Protocol (IP) address to figure that out. If you work in a corporate environment, it will identify shared resources (printers, for example) nearby.
  2. Direct Access: Far away from work but need to access your office e-mail? The “Direct Access” solution creates a Virtual Private Network without any headache, allowing you to access your office network.
  3. Back-up and Restore: This feature is also beefed up with the process made easier. As is the “restore” feature when things go wrong.
  4. Graphics: Windows 7 improves the “Aero” interface first seen on Vista, making it less resource-hungry. It is also primed for touch screen computing.
  5. Home Groups: Want to play a movie from your laptop to your TV? Provided your home has a wireless network running and your other devices are Wi-Fi-capable, where your content resides is not a problem anymore.
  6. Windows Search: The new Search takes search beyond your desktop and onto your office servers. Whether it’s a music file hidden in a clutter of folders or a presentation someone made to the client you are meeting tomorrow, you can locate it now.
  7. Security: IT administrators can now programme their USB ports to their security settings. Also, USB drives can be encrypted and the in-built Windows Defender programme protects against malicious attacks.

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