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Print Edition: Dec 25, 2011

(FEBRUARY 22, 1999)
The New Apple of My i

THEN My Mac was bac. And, I am pleased to report to fellow Mac-hacs, I was as happy as a round mouse after test-driving its latest version, the decidedly cool i-Mac. Love at first sight. First came a drop-deadsleek keyboard in black and green. Next, an ergosupernomic round mouse, small enough to hide under your palm. And, beneath them, glory be, an egg-shaped polycarbonate translucent shell. Like the classic Macs, the egg was home to the 17" monitor as well as the CPU motherboard, which Apple calls the Logicboard. And, I rubbed my eyes, little else. Where were the rest of the ingredients, especially the ports and the cables? And the floppy drive? It seems the i-Mac is completely committed to the Universal Serial Bus - the anywhere anything connectivity port that even PC-makers are moving over to now.

NOW Apple's Mac platform reached its consecutive 15-year high with five per cent (record sale of 4.89 million) worldwide market share. Apple is also planning a major overhaul of the iMac and MacBook Airlines. It is also getting into iCloud, a cloud service.

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