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'The cloud empowers small enterprises'

Print Edition: May 15, 2011

Kurt Delbene, President of Microsoft Office Division at Microsoft Corporation, is a frequent visitor to India. He believes the next big growth wave for Microsoft will come from a mix of solutions hosted on the Internet and the centralised use of enterprise servers popularly called cloud computing. He spoke to BT's Sunny Sen on how cloud is a game changer. Edited excerpts:

The (market for) cloud is strong.
It is more about the pace at which the enterprises move towards the cloud. Office was a desktop application. Today, it has a new dimension - PC, phone and browser. Our strategy is in line (with the trends).

We are delivering cloud on the customer's conditions, which is more of hybrid solutions at this period. We talk about the whole value proposition (of cloud). If the infrastructure is run on cloud, it will cut costs by about 10 to 15 per cent. The small enterprise gets the power of a large one with just a click.

With slate devices (tablets),
the PC market is much-much larger. Ninety per cent of our enterprise customers want to put Windows 7 into the organisation. PC sales are increasing.

Entertainment devices will become much more ubiquitous. The acquisition of Fast Search & Transfer, or FAST, makers of intelligent search technology, is another input into the design process.

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