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'Our focus is to bring videoconferencing to the mobile'

Sunny Sen | Print Edition: May 1, 2011

Andrew M. Miller, President and CEO of Polycom, a leading player in communications solutions, visited Delhi for the first time recently to inaugurate a demo lab in Gurgaon. He spoke to BT's Sunny Sen on how communications is changing worldwide. Edited excerpts

Mobility and Cloud are the two innovation engines. Traditional videoconferencing is now office culture. Our focus is to bring this experience to the mobile. We are putting this software in the Samsung Galaxy (tablet). You can dial back into the office using the tablet. We see this as a big opportunity with Nokia, Motorola and Apple.

Forty per cent of this (video) technology will be hybrid. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will like to get delivered on a software-as-a-service-based platform. This will be easier to deploy. Our challenge is how to deliver this level of experience to SMEs. In India, we are working on an affordable price point.

Polycom is open standard and Cisco is closed.
Our ability to inter-operate with the likes of Microsoft is totally different from the way it is done by Cisco. In the past one-and-half years, Polycom has not been the market leader, though we now have 41 per cent global market share and almost 50 per cent in India.

India is the new R&D/innovation centre.
It is one of the fastest-growing markets. India has been a bandwidth-starved country. 3G and 4G will accelerate growth and encourage spread of data use. Video will be one of the applications.

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