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A computer monitor that does a lot more and Audi's small SUV goes local.

Kushan Mitra | Print Edition: August 8, 2010

Picture This!
Samsung P2370MS 0MS Konnect Plus

Computer monitors are not exactly products that get you jumping with joy, but this new offering from Samsung will leave you pleasantly surprised. It is very easy to set up right out of the box, and has a multitude of connectivity options — high definition multimedia interface (HDMI), S-Video and Component High-Definition. Since it is a computer monitor, it does not have a dedicated USB slot — the only USB port has been marked 'service'.

The best part is the very high-contrast colour range, which gives video and game playback through this 23" monitor a very vivid feel rather than the usual 'washed out' feel you get on most computer monitors. It functions very well as a regular TV even though the speakers are not great. With Full-HD (1080p) support, it actually makes very good sense as a monitor/TV for small offices and bedrooms.

Pros: Great colour reproduction, Full-HD support, multiple connectivity options, great price.
Cons: USB support would have been useful, speakers could be better.
Price: Rs 16,000

Best in Class
Audi Q5 3.0TDI

Audi's smaller sports-utility vehicle (SUV) is now being manufactured locally at the company's factory at Aurangabad, which it shares with Skoda. Audi plans to sell 1,500 of these SUVs every year, and the version featuring the three-litre V6 turbodiesel engine is extremely powerful for a car of its size. Make no mistake, the Q5 is not very big, although it might look big.

It is the same size as the Honda CRV, but smaller than the Audi Q7 and BMW X5. When the front seats are pushed back, rear-legroom is less than what you would expect. But the 237-horsepower engine makes this the most exciting car to drive in its class. Handling is superb, despite the increased drive height. Unlike some of Audi's sedans which have a rough ride and hard seats, the Q5 is comfortable.

Pros: Big engine, lots of power, fun to drive. Excellent parking sensors and reversing cameras make it a breeze to park
Cons: Rear seat space could be better, not designed as a chauffeur-driven vehicle. Middling off-road abilities
Price: Rs 46 lakh


India's heat, dust and moisture are really the worst things for a laptop. So here are a few tips to keep your laptop running smoothly.

Switch it off before you take it for a spin: Laptop batteries are not at all heat-friendly. So, if you are moving from an air-conditioned room into your car, be sure to power it down — that is, shut it down fully and not just 'hibernate' — before you start it up in an outdoor situation. If you want to leave your laptop in your car (even the trunk), make sure it is turned off.

Beware of high humidity: Condensation can build up inside your laptop in humid conditions such as the monsoons. This can set off the moisture sensors inside your laptop in certain cases, voiding your warranties. Store your laptop carefully, and invest in some silica gel sachets.

Back up your data: Heat, dust and humidity don't just damage your battery life, they could damage the laptop's finely-tuned hard disks. If you are working with sensitive data and need to be on the road, we suggest that you buy a portable hard disk.

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