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Print Edition: Jan 22, 2012

Canon Powershot s100
Small, Effective, Expensive
Canon's advertisement featuring Sachin Tendulkar highlights how its cameras are extremely good in lowlight conditions, but this latest product from Canon has taken that one step further. Using its new Digic 5 image processor, this camera has an uncanny capacity to spot details without a flash even on Delhi's foggy winter mornings. It can also shoot full 1080p hd video with stereo sound. These features are not available in its cheaper cousins.

+ve: Amazing low-light image capture, both still and video
-ve: Woth spending that much on essentially a point-and-click
Price: Rs 26,995

Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung tries a new size
You have seen the hype and you have heard about the steep price tag. But how is the Samsung Galaxy Tab to use? Not bad. While we are still not that impressed with Samsung's Android user interface, the Galaxy Note's stylus-aided note writing ability is superb. From the usage point of view, the device is great. It is just the reasoning behind the chosen dimension - what you see on the left is the actual size - that we fail to get. A tablet works because it is the same size as a book or a magazine; a phone works because it is a phone. The five-inch screen is an awkward size. While there may be a subset of users who will like the size, we will stick by four-inch-screen phones and 10-inch-screen tablets.

Handwriting recognition is fabulous
-ve: Expensive, awkward size
Price: Rs 34,990

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