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Print Edition: Dec 25, 2011

Nokia Lumia 800
Rich and Clever
Nokia's first Windows Phone 7 device is extremely easy to use. It is a perfect illustration of how good hardware and software can combine to make a great device. While we still feel that Windows Phone 7 allows for minimal product differentiation when it comes to user experience, Nokia has some clever applications of its own - and a great camera to boot. We will wait to see how Nokia Mix Radio works out, but Nokia Drive is a good navigation software.

+ve: Good looking, nice in-built Nokia apps
-ve: Cheaper than an iPhone 4S, but still pricey

Price: Rs 29,990

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TomTom Via 125
TomTom Via 125
TomTom Via 125
One for the road

Would you buy a stand-alone GPS Navigator, which comes as a standard feature anyway in most smartphones nowadays? Well, personal navigation devices have not yet gone the way of the dodo (or the pocket calculator). This one does work pretty well, except in areas that are not loaded into its map. Features such as voice recognition and some interesting display make this device useful for the hopelessly-lost driver.

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Best in class interface, voice recognition
-ve: Maps need more work, but should be fixed soon

Rs 19,990

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