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Review: SWYPE Beta and Nikon D800E

Print Edition: Sep 30, 2012

Desi Types
The intuitive Swype keypad was a big relief for those who were uncomfortable using the QWERTY keypads on their phones. However, the app couldn't think beyond English words and simple desi phrases would end up as disasters. Now, the company has launched a new app with support for Hindi written in English, or 'Hinglish' as some would call it. Download the app to an Android phone from, go to languages in settings and select 'Hinglish' as the default setting. It works surprisingly well. We had no trouble 'swyping' Hindi phrases and sentences. Interestingly, the app learns as you type. Looking at the most used terms it even starts predicting text. A note of caution: the beta app may not work on all phones at present.
+ve: Intuitive Picks up new words
-ve: Only on Android No other language, only Hinglish
Price: Free

-Nidhi Singal

Nikon D800E
Nikon D800E
Nikon D800E
Top Shot
The Nikon D800E is way ahead of the competition in the megapixel race with a 36.3 MP FX-format CMOS sensor and a host of top class features. The D800E has a different optical design to ensure that light is received by the image sensor at a single point, making the pictures taken with it boast a higher resolution. The D800E is a largish DSLR and can be quite intimidating for people not trained in using one. But what is the real advantage of having a 36 MP camera? We took a shot of Delhi's Connaught Place and were able to crop a high-resolution image of just one shop window, sans noise or distortion. While the auto-focus is fast, the processing of pictures inexplicably took longer in Live mode. The ultimate results were everything we expected them to be, though the image seemed a bit too sharp at times. The camera captures subtle changes in colour tones and light plays.

-Nandagopal Rajan

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