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Print Edition: March 4, 2012

Super Box
Vu Super TV

The Super TV is a combination of fairly decent computer and an LED TV. The computer runs Windows 7 Home Professional, has a 2 GB memory and 500 GB storage space (the same as a Rs 40,000 laptop). As for the TV, the 55-inch LED screen is spectacular, but the built-in Digital Media Player cannot play several formats. You have to often switch files. The combo is also cheaper than competing 55-inch LED TVs. Good value? Definitely. Good looking? Hmm…
Price:  Rs 99,990
+ve: Built-in Windows computer; Connects to the Internet; Well-priced
-ve: Digital media player can not recognise certain files; Sound quality poor

Apt Apps
Adobe Android Apps

Adobe has unveiled a host of applications that can run on Android tablets where you essentially use your fingers rather than the mouse or the keyboard. Our in-house app aficionado Design Head Kapil Kashyap, after having played around with five of them, testified they were well designed for novice users. The apps include everything from the creativity app 'Ideas' to a more traditional Photoshop app, as well as Proto, Collage, Kuler and Debut. They offer cloud back-up allowing you to access files from multiple devices. But they are not free, in fact they are quite expensive if you buy them all.
Price: $10/app
+ve: Easy-to-use even for those with fat fingers, generates images, cool effects
-ve: Expensive, only works on Android 3.0/3.1, Honeycomb

Compiled by Kushan Mitra

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