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The best-performing CEOs

Mukesh Ambani and K.V. Kamath get a place at the high table in an HBR study of long-term performance.

Print Edition: January 24, 2010

Corporate performance has several benchmarks — return to shareholders being one. While focussing on short-term shareholder return is inimical, delivering long-term consistent shareholder return is difficult, but desirable. To arrive at such a benchmark, HBR shortlisted CEOs who led firms that, based on stock returns, outperformed other firms.

The rankings were based on three measures: country and industry adjusted total shareholder returns (TSR) and change in market capitalisation during the CEO's tenure. The CEOs included in the study should not have taken over prior to January 1995 or after December 2007, which excluded marquee names such as Jack Welch and Bill Gates.

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