'We have 2.5 mn honeypots to track malware'

Rahul Sachitanand        Print Edition: November 15, 2009

Bill Robbins
Bill Robbins

Bill Robbins, Executive Vice President, worldwide sales of Symantec, spoke on new threats to online information. Excerpts:

Has the slowdown affected the pace at which information is being generated?
Information grew at 30-50 per cent over the previous year. There is now a booming amount of unstructured data flowing in from social networking sites such as Facebook, too. This pervasiveness also creates challenges of effectively managing this data and ensuring it’s secure.

Has Symantec’s strategy changed with this glut of information?
Symantec has shifted its focus from knee-jerk reaction of just developing security patches to anti-virus and other security tools to a more proactive approach of protecting IT infra-servers, storage etc., from malicious content.

Where do India and the emerging markets figure for Symantec?
India, China and Brazil are our three fastest-growing markets. We are in India since 1991— before it became a fashion to be here.

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