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Print Edition: Apr 1, 2012

WD MyBook Live
Price: 1TB: Rs 7,999; 2TB: Rs 9,999; 3TB: Rs 11,499

Share Data Storage Space

WD MyBook Live
WD MyBook Live
Many high-end tablet users complain that because these devices lack a USB port, their storage cannot be extended via a USB drive.

In any case, sharing of information between multiple devices - not just tablets - is often a pain, requiring a tangle of cables or a host of pendrives. Western Digital's MyBook Live is an external hard drive that plugs into the wireless router and can therefore stream the content stored on it to multiple devices.

Available with storage capacities of one, two and three tetrabytes, it is easy to set up, and files can be transferred fairly easily.

+ve: Easy to set-up, accessible from multiple devices using multiple platforms
-ve: Not cheap

Samsung Wave Y
Price: Rs 6,990

Smartphone for the masses
Samsung Wave Y
Samsung Wave Y
All Samsung's Wave devices are powered by their own 'Bada' operating system. At first use, however, you may think these too are a part of Samsung's Galaxy family of Android devices. That is because Samsung employs the same 'TouchWiz' user interface on both kinds of devices.

This is not the best looking smartphone, but considering its price, a mere Rs 6,990, it is unfair to expect much. The only problem with Bada is that there are too few apps, though the phone is loaded with enough for your daily needs.

It is fine to use, as long as you are not a big-time casual gaming fan.

+ve: Affordable entry-level smartphone; easy to use
-ve: Bada needs more applications

Compiled by Kushan Mitra

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