Print Edition: June 2013

Q: Which phone is better Nokia Lumia 720, Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos or Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus? Please list according to your preference.

- Arpit Mittal, on email

G&G: Lumia 720, Grand Duos, S2 in order of preference. Buy Android if you know how to leverage this OS to your benefit.

Q: I want to buy a laptop with good graphic performance and play latest games. It must have Intel i5 3rd generation processor with minimum 4GB RAM and 500GB hard disk. My budget is Rs 40,000. How is the Dell Inspiron 15R? Can I upgrade the graphic card for a laptop?
-Dilip, on email

G&G: I agree that the Dell Inspiron 15R is among the best devices in this range. Another option could be Acer Aspire V5 and HP Envy 4. But all of these are Ultrabooks and you can't change the graphics cards on them. If your primary use is gaming, then buy a gaming laptop from Asus or Alienware. That will cost you a packet though.

Q: I want to buy Samsung Galaxy S3, but for some reason I have been stopping myself from buying this. I have heard that Samsung is going to launch a new version of Samsung Galaxy S3 with wireless charging and a better display. Should I wait for the new version? Please advise.
- Sahu Mantu, on email

G&G: A new version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is just a rumour at the moment. So we can't tell you if a new version will have wireless charging or other features. Till then, you could buy the S3 or the new S4.

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