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     Print Edition: April 2014
Gadgets & Gizmos experts answer your tech queries

Want to buy a smartphone or a computing device.  Write to us with all your queries and we will have experts answering them.

Q. I want to buy a smartphone within Rs 15,000. Should I go for an Android or a Windows Phone operating system as my basic priority is apps? I was using a BlackBerry smartphone earlier. Anika Gupta, over email

A. If you are choosing between Android and Windows on the basis of apps, go for the former. Android has far more apps than Windows devices. The best smartphone within your budget will be Motorola Moto G. You can also consider the Sony Xperia range of offerings.

Q. I want to switch from a point and shoot camera to a DSLR . I have saved Rs 40,000 for the same. Which is the best DSLR in that range?

A. You can consider Nikon's recently launched D3300, which is an upgrade of the D3200 and comes with a 18-55mm lens. Canon 1200D is also a good option - it costs close to Rs 30,000.

Q. I have a budget of Rs 35,000 and wish to buy a computing device. My basic usage will be browsing, playing games, preparing projects and watching movies. Shall I buy a tablet or a laptop? Ashish Gupta, over email

Technically, gaming, browsing and watching movies can be easily done on a tablet. But preparing project reports might not be easy. For that you will require a Bluetooth keyboard and a dock. It might be simpler to buy a laptop.



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